Ryder Cup Review — The Coverage and Ads

  • 8 commercial breaks totaling 19:05 in ad time
  • 13:30 of actual golf, including full shots, chips, putts, and pre-shot action within 15 seconds of a shot
  • 27:25 of golf-adjacent material, including “ various promos, interviews, replays, player reactions, scoreboard reviews, or just general waiting while Johnny and Dan talked”
  • Not one full swing from the DJ/Fowler v Stenson/Rose match

Difference №1

There are only 24 players at the Ryder Cup.

Difference №2

Golf Channel televised the event!

Interlude: The Actual Golf Watching Experience Stunk Too!

VERY quick aside, as the ads were the real issue, but — WHERE WAS THE PROTRACER?? No sign of the crucial traj line on 1 tee, only the most-shown spot in the entire broadcast, and sparse usage across the rest of the course. Also, very little context or idea of where aim points were for certain shots off the tee, from the fairway, and especially on the tough recovery shots from the rough. How in God’s name is this possible with so much lead time and such a small event?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ads

I’ve seen firsthand that advertisers pay the bills for golf networks. In college, I was an intern at a media buying company, and one of our clients was Titleist. Every Monday, a fellow intern got the tapes of the previous week’s PGA Tour event and had to watch every one, fast forwarding through the golf and combing through the commercials to make sure that the full complement of Titleist ads ran at their allotted times. So I get that there is serious money changing hands here, and the broadcast has to show these ads at some point.



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Robbie Vogel

Robbie Vogel


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