The Week Grip — Remembering Dan Jenkins

Jenkins inside the new Masters press “tent” in 2017. Source
Jenkins on playing with “41,” or President George H.W. Bush. Bush let him keep the club.
The jokes flow from the very first page, before even the prose.
At the risk of violating some intellectual property rights I’ll stop, but even in the first two pages, you’re hooked.

“And the minute the ball started for that flagstick I knew the war was over and it was time to call in the boats and piss on the admiral.”

The characters in all of Jenkins’s novels, and particularly this one, were lively, devious, and more than a little crazy, all of which made them seem more true to life than if the book was nonfiction. After all, according to Jenkins in the book’s foreword:



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Robbie Vogel

Robbie Vogel


Bought a hat once. Did not receive a free bowl of soup with it.